Sep 24 2009

Tokyo Tripping

The following post is in English – in order to enable the people I met in Tokyo to understand the post. So if there are some major mistakes please excuse. Even it is not closely related to electronic music I hope you enjoy the article anyway.


The article is a short review of my 11 day Tokyo Trip.
After arrival we started to go out clubbing in Roppongi, which is a quarter in the Minato Ward and also the place where we were living during our trip. You can find a lot of “titty bars” and “gentlemen clubs” there and every bar seems to employ at least one shill. This is the most annoying thing in that part of the city. You are not able to walk 5 metres without anyone trying to get you inside of a dingy bar. Nevertheless it is fine for having some drinks with your pals. Especially if you are really jetlagging and tired of a 10 hour flight. But a few beers will tighten your sleep at all times!

During the next days I made some great food experiences. But the highlight was definetely the freshest sushi you could probably enjoy. After partying at New Lex we took a taxi at 3:30 AM to Tsukiji Fish Market, which is by far the largest fish market in the world. After wandering around for over 1.5 hours we went to a recommended sushi bar called Daiwa Sushi directly located near the market hall. I guess the tuna died only 2 hours before I had him as my maguro nigiri. Damn that was delicious! おいし です

Harajuku is well known for the guys and girls near the station doing there cos-play and the Rock ‘n Roll dancers in Yoyogi. But in my opinion it is the best place to go out shopping. If you take your time and take a peak into the narrower streets you will be able to buy some extraordinary but affordable clothes. The closer you get to Omotesando the more expensive the items are. I highly recommend to visit the Graniph Design Store and the various Beams Stores you can find near Harajuku Street.

One of my personal highlights was being able to play a short set at the Fifty Seven Bar in Roppongi. Unfortunately it was wednesday and the bar was nearly empty. Which is surprising because the bar has a really nice atmosphere and looks very stylish. But playing a set was still a great experience. Furthermore I met DJ Hiro there who is one of the residents of Fifty Seven and he is what every Aussie would call a “cool dude”.

Even there were far more highlights like Womb Club in Shibuya, one day chiling at the city-beach near the Rainbow Bridge, visting the famous Inakaya Restaurant, going for a typical japanese dinner with my dad and two colleagues, the Ai WeiWei exhibition and so on I had to make a choice. This is just small pick and gives a little impression of how my vacation was. If the text couldn’t make it I hope the photos at last get you a bit jealous!

Best regards

モリツ エスヨツ